Q4 and Festive Marketing Techniques to Help Your Ads Shine

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It’s really important to understand Q4 at the moment, and also that there’s been a lot of changes to the market, specifically post pandemic and more so during this cost of living crisis, how we speak to our customers has changed and how we market to our customers is very specific and the messaging that we use throughout our creative mix.

But it’s not just something that we can use in 2023, so I know that we have missed probably key preparation for key events such as upcoming Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but hopefully they’ll be some things within messaging that maybe you’ll be able to take out from this.

And if you can’t use it in 2023, you’ll be able to use it in 2024-2025, 2026.

It’s all long lasting, creative hacks that could also be used throughout the year as well, or preparation for either Q5 after Q4 or Q1.

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