Cost Effective,
Quality Conversions from Digital Media

Rocketer has been around for 15 years, amassing data and building technology to maximise the performance of our campaigns. We’ve built an enviable team of experts who each bring incredible value to our innovative business. 

Our name

Why Rocketer?

It’s not about rockets, space or propelling you into the sky – although the metaphor does fit there too. 

Rocketer comes from the word to describe a pheasant suddenly taking flight. If you’ve ever crossed paths with a pheasant, you’ll know that immediate moment of delight as you spot him darting from you. 

With our data powered excellence, we too, offer an instantaneous feeling of reward that happens, with a Rocketer. 

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Our Technology

Data makes us stronger

From internal tools to our hero media placement optimiser technology, data leads us.

Constantly gathering and learning from data over our history has paid off. It means that we can service all of our clients with 15 years of tried and tested methodology, and predict how best to service any brand. 

Every client has a winning playbook from day 1, meaning that we can always hit the ground running and jump straight into strong performance. 

Our hero technology, MAP – Media Arbitrage Platform, allows us to use all of this knowledge to identify, in real time, where to best place adverts, with which creative, to minimise CPCs and maximise quality. 

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Our People

Nic Gorey

Founder & CEO



Dan thut


lee allen

Chief Product Officer

Tony booth

Strategy Director


Sales Director

james main

Chief Technology Officer

mark chan

Head of Customer Success

Amy Potts

Account Director

ainslee connage

Account Director

Sophie potts

Account Manager

Maja dzepovska

PPC Manager

hannah ray

Creative Designer

Maja arsovska

Marketing Manager

George swann

Account Manager

geraint thomas

Creative Designer

Emily chung

Account Manager

frosina jankovska

Account Executive

morgan bevan

Marketing Content Executive

fran palma

Account Manager

Nikola struzance

Account Executive

irina petrusheva

Account Executive