About Our Brand

Why Rocketer?

Surprisingly, we’re not about rockets or propelling you to space – although we can certainly help take your digital performance to astronomical levels. 

In our case, ‘Rocketer’ relates to the terminology describing a pheasant suddenly taking flight. If you’ve ever crossed paths with a pheasant, you’ll know that immediate moment it reacts – from a standing start to a rapid upwards trajectory. Using our data-powered media performance, we bring you that instantaneous action.


Our Services & Technology

As a business, Rocketer has been around for 15 years, amassing data and learnings, which we used to develop  technology to maximise the performance of our campaigns. We’ve built an enviable team of experts who each bring incredible value to our innovative business.  

 Every client benefits from our industry-specific, tested and proven strategies, ensuring we’re pivoting to stronger performance from day one. Coupled with our proprietary technology platforms, we use our strategic knowledge and your current performance data to identify and adapt, in real-time, towards the best placements, targeting, creative, and messaging – minimising CPCs and maximising quality. 

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Our Management

Nic Gorey

Founder & CEO


Chief Finance Officer

Dan thut

Chief Revenue Officer


Head of Media Activation

Tony booth

Strategy Director

lee allen

Chief Product Officer

james main

Chief Technology Officer

ainslee connage

Senior Account Director