Free Download – Dissecting Full-Funnel Marketing

The Full Funnel represents the entire customer journey landscape, which takes a user from an unawareness of the industry/product or service, to ultimately converting to a sale or purchase, and finally customer retention. Full-Funnel is the traditional description of the customer journey, also the term Flywheel is used to depict the role of customer retention in attracting new business.

  • What Is A Full – Funnel Marketing Strategy?
  • Why Is A Full – Funnel Marketing Strategy Important? 
  • What Are The Key Performance Indicators At Various Stages Of The Full Funnel And How Is Success Determined?
  • What Are The Challenges Of Activating A Full-Funnel Strategy In Digital Media? How Do You Overcome Those Challenges? 
  • Do Creative Elements Impact The Effectiveness Of A Full Funnell Strategy?
  • What Test And Learn Philosophies Support a Full – Funnel Marketing Strategy?

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