Landmark Media Management Technology

Uniquely optimise placements across all platforms in real time with the Media Arbitrage Platform.

Always get the best quality conversion at the cheapest cost per acquisition

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Driving record-breaking digital media performance

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How the Technology Works

One to Many

MAP allows a single media campaign to be integrated with over 70 digital media platforms, including the full META and Google ad platforms, giving you access to your audience, wherever they are.

Winning Playbook

Our technology aggregates millions of historic data signals across all platforms and placements to identify the most likely combination to work for your brand. This drives cost effective, quality conversions.

Seamless Activation

Digital media campaigns are deployed automatically across the targeted placements on the selected digital media platforms. Automated predictive performance modelling is used in near real time to determine the outcome of the media investment by placement and platform

Media Optimised

Media budget is automatically adjusted between placements and platforms. MAP continually refreshes the entire media plan to deliver the best outcome for your investment

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